Note: Some door frames may not be square and ®LockBuddy 101 does not correct those issues.  ®​LockBuddy 101 prevents the door latch from engaging into the door frame so it does not allow the door to be locked until needed. When you want the door to close, engage and lock, be sure to check the door is secure.  

Check your local Building and Fire Codes for any restrictions in the use of ®LockBuddy 101.   

Step #4

Leave door handle in a locked position.  Keep ®LockBuddy 101 in open position that covers the opening in the frame. Door may open and close freely without the need to turn door handle.  When the need to lock the door occurs, simply slide the thumb lever on ®LockBuddy 101 to open the latch opening on the door frame allowing the door latch to engage.  Door is now Locked.   "Thank you ®LockBuddy 101"

Step #2

Place mounting bracket over the thumb portion side of the slide so that the thumb lever is at the top of the opening of the mounting bracket.  If mounting above the strike plate, the thumb lever will be at the bottom of the opening of the mounting bracket.

(this will allow for the thumb lever to be lowered allowing the slide to clear the opening on the frame)  

Step #3

Using # 6 x 1/2 or # 6 x 5/8 sheet metal screw after drilling 3/32" hole, (you can also use # 6-20 x 1/2  pan head self taping metal screw),  screw into mounting bracket top screw opening.  Repeat step for lower screw opening.    (®​LockBuddy 101 is ready to use)  

Step #1

Place slide in position against Frame so that the slide is covering the opening for the latch on the Frame. (this will keep the door latch from engaging)  You may mount this either above or below the strike plate.  You should be consistent in your buildings where it is mounted.  

Installing LockBuddy 101

Simple - Fast Installation

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