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"Keep it Simple,Keep you Safe!"

Made in the USA.

Safety Locking Mechanism for

Emergency Situations

Keep it Simple, Keep you Safe!!

(Patent Pending)

- Keep your door locked, but not engaged until needed.

- No Key, No Problem.  Just slide to safety.

- Stay inside the room to secure, no need to expose yourself to the hallway danger.

- Fast and Easy Installation, Universal Fit. 

- Save Thousands of Dollars by not replacing entire door knob/lock systems.

- Your safer school and work place starts today – email LockBuddy 101…

ADDITIONAL USE: Any time you do not want your door to latch, slide LockBuddy 101 into place and you can enter the door hands free.
Great for carrying groceries or anything else in your hands that you do not want to put down to turn that door handle.

®LockBuddy 101 is door lock assist device.  Many current classrooms and offices have doors that only lock from the outside with the use of a key.  This means that if there is a security issue in the building the teacher, custodian or another person with a key must go into the hallway in order to lock the door.  This can be a risk as they are presenting themselves to the danger on the outside of the room.  This is also a time consuming issue during a stressful situation. The cost to replace those current locking systems is very costly and can bust any budget.  With ®LockBuddy 101, there is no need to do that.  ®​LockBuddy 101 is a retrofit device that can make the present locking system become safer and less risky to lock.  Now, from inside the room, you can simply slide the thumb lever to lock the door instantly, keeping out the unwanted intruder.  Also, if an intruder observes a person opening the door to lock it, they are letting the intruder know people are in the class room.  By allowing the lock to be engaged from inside the room, it can be discretely locked without making unneeded noise or movements. 

This device will still allow rescuers who have a key to gain access to the room when the emergency is over.  

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