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While conducting lockdown drills in local schools, it was discovered that most doors on schools and office buildings do not have the ability to be locked from the inside of the room.  The Teacher or employee would have to open the door putting them in a dangerous situation exposing them to the possible threat to use a key to manually lock the door from the hallway side.  In today’s society there is an ever growing need to keep everyone safe especially our children. 

What is ®LockBuddy 101

®LockBuddy 101 is a device that is a slide release that is attached to a door frame keeping the door latch from engaging into the door frame.  The added dimension gives the door more functionality. It allows the door to be locked from the inside as opposed to having to lock it on the outside.  Currently, there is a need for ®LockBuddy 101 to offer a way to safely and easily lock doors from the inside without putting individuals in harm’s way.  In addition, the cost to change all the locks in a building so you can secure the lock from the inside would be a major cost.  Therefore, ®LockBuddy 101 will be cost effective as well as added security and safety.   

Benefits of ®LockBuddy 101


The major benefit of ®LockBuddy 101 is keeping children and employees safe in schools and work place.  Most locks in schools and office buildings only have a key to lock the door from the hall side.  The cost to change all the locks so they would be more like a residential style lock system where you can lock from the inside would be a major cost.  This idea would be minimal cost per door with easy installation. ®LockBuddy 101 allows a door to be continually locked.  A simple slide will secure the door rather than opening the door to lock it, which makes for a dangerous situation if there is an intruder is in a building.   Another added benefit is that a substitute teacher don’t always receive keys to lock the door going into lockdown, ®​LockBuddy 101 will allow them to lock the classroom and keep it safe.  

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®LOCKBUDDY 101 trademark 

Designed for both Left and Right inward opening doorways.  

Fast and Easy Installation!!!    

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